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Nick Ruffini - Drummer's Resource

Freelance & Independent Musicians

As an independent musician, freelancer, or sideman if you have been struggling with how to figure out how to land gigs with bigger artists, earn more income, or if you want to learn how to take control of your career, then you’re in the right place!

I know that trying to land gigs, networking with the "right people," getting yourself heard, and being at the right place at the right time can be extremely overwhelming...but it's doesn't have to be that hard. If you have a systematic way of approaching gigs, rather than relying on "fate", you're in a much better position to succeed. And, it's easier than you think.

If you're not consciously working on connecting with new players and using the gigs you have to leverage other gigs, you're selling yourself short and missing out on a huge opportunity.

Social media has made this easier than ever, but it still requires a personal connection...a genuine building of relationships and an ever expanding network.

My Student Dan...

I just wanted to say thanks for The Bigger Better Gigs Webinar series. I found it full of useful ideas that I have not tried before, so it's given me lots to work on.

I particularly liked that all the information and anecdotes you shared were practical things that you have done yourself rather than a theory lesson, this I feel is the best kind of knowledge.

Overall it was an extremely useful course. Thanks a lot Nick!

You Need A System That Works.

Like every other musician, I've tried it all. And let me fill you in:

  • "Hoping you get the gig" is not effective.
  • Luck happens when you're prepared.
  • Your playing is only 20% of the equation.
  • You have to be proactive rather than reactive.


    Digital Training Course

    You'll get my complete video training package including:

    Gig Getting Fundamentals (video and audio), step-by-step instructions, downloadable PDFs, homework and bonus training videos so you can land your dream gig.

    Module I: Laying the Groundwork

    Learn how to:

    • Shift your mindset so you can see the opportunities in front of you.
    • Target the right artists so you're not wasting your time.
    • Use different approaches to gain access to bigger artists.
    • Avoid the most common mistakes like spending all your time at open-mic nights.

    Module II: Promotion

    Learn how to:

    • Develop your social presence to show off your strengths.
    • Effectively promote yourself as the best person for the job.
    • Send the right messages to music directors (MDs).
    • Master the key elements of promotion for the greatest amount of impact.

    Module III: Getting the Gig

    Learn how to:

    • Get your foot in the door with the right circle of influence.
    • Land the gigs you deserve.
    • Get on the "call list" for multiple bands / artists.
    • Work with the artists YOU choose.

    Module IV: Leverage

    Learn how to:

    • Keep the calls coming in so you can work as much as you'd like.
    • Become irreplaceable so you're recommended to others artists and bands.
    • Add value to the group/artist so you can get to the top of the "call list."
    • Use the gigs you have to land more gigs.


    Bonus Module I:
    Networking Tactics

    Learn the proven steps that I've used to grow my network exponentially throughout my career.

    Bonus Module II:
    Press Kit Template

    Learn how to create an awesome press kit + a downloadable template so you can create your own in no time.

    Monthly Office Hours

    Once a month I host a live Q&A session to answer any questions you have and to give you an opportunity to connect and brainstorm with other BBG members.

    Everything included in your

    Bigger Better Gigs course purchase...

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      Fundamental Gig-Getting Webinars (Video Training + Audio and PDF Downloads)

      Value: $500

    • 2

      Advanced Bonus Training

      Value: $175

    • 3

      Downloadable Press Kit Template

      Value: $300

    • 4

      Monthly Office Hours

      Value: $100/Month

    Total Value: $1075+

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